Do you view the world in the same way as everyone else — or do you look
for the unexpected? I try to create art that goes beyond the literal narrative
and provides a new perspective that will surprise, inspire and transform the viewer.

Please take a look — and interpret what it means for you. So often, art is
about a connection with our unspoken words and deepest thoughts.

Every picture you see is a ‘visual conversation’. I am inspired primarily by the wonder        of creation…we are surrounded by natural beauty that points us to someone greater.

With my work, I am seeking to embrace a freer style that focuses on the
natural world and other subjects that inspire me. I mostly use watercolours
and acrylic inks. But I also love the freedom of expression that’s possible
with pastels.

My training is in graphic design and illustration (Somerset College of Art).
Since then, I’ve worked with Christian publishers, illustrating children’s
books and teaching material.

See Ruth’s work in August. Here’s where to find us. We hope to see you at the event.