Having learned the basics of Batik in the late 1970s in the Art & Design studio (BathCHE), I have more recently begun to develop my work in this area, working with dyes and hot liquid wax on cotton fabric. I am more interested in colour and pattern than in creating a true likeness of my subjects.

Wet Felting, involves ‘painting’ with Merino wool fibres using hot water and soap, rubbing, rolling and then stitching on top. This can create quite  unpredictable but satisfying results  involving a variety of textures and vivid colours. I enjoy experimenting with different ideas in this medium.

Natural driftwood collected mainly from the UK’s southern shores have a beauty all of their own. Seashells, pebbles, seaglass and other beach finds also contribute to my driftwood creations.

Commissions taken so please get in touch. www.seadriftstudio.co.uk

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